RC Dynamics 40x40x10mm High Flow Cooling Fan

RCDynamics Fan

The RC Dynamics 40mm High Flow fan, has been selected and specified carefully for the cooling needs of high performance racing. It is intended primarily for the use of motor cooling in 1/10scale touring car racing, whether your class is stock or modified, blinky or boosted the fan provides unrivalled performance, typically providing 20°C reduction in motor temperature. Not only does this fan provide exceptionally high air flow and rpm in static bench conditions, it is also incredibly powerful which means the forces of acceleration, deceleration, or cornering experienced on track have little effect on airflow.

We are so confident in the performance of these fans the technical data is published below.

Technical Specifiations

Voltage Range

5VDC - 8.2VDC

Power (Watts)


Current Rating



11,000 RPM

Air Flow

12.0 CFM

Static Pressure





2 Wire Leads (Red +ve)

Put simply we believe our fan is the best you will find for motor cooling in your 1/10 Touring car.

Installation and Operating Instructions

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