Olly Jefferies & RC Dynamics

Olly Jefferies & RC Dynamics 2014/2015 BRCA National 1/12th Double Champion

Olly Jefferies & RC Dynamics 2014/2015 BRCA National 1/12th Double Champion

Olly Jefferies & RC Dynamics 2014/2015 BRCA National 1/12th Double Champion. Congratulations to Olly on a dominant performance, a great year with stock & Modified championships, as well as EFRA Euros and IFMAR Worlds A-Final finishes. Olly uses the RCDynamics Booster for reliable power with his LRP Flow Speedo. See the pics, the booster is hidden in the centre of the car under the ESC power capacitor, the neatness of the installation is almost as impressive as the race results

Vesa Yli upgrades and chooses RCDynamics Voltage boosters

RCDynamics Booster Vesa Yli

The list of top drivers choosing RCDynamics continues to grow. Top 1/12th racer and VDezign car designer Vesa Yli recently decided to upgrade his cars and install RCDynamics Voltage boosters. Until now Vesa has used receiver packs as he felt this was the most reliable option for top level racing, his opinion has changed. Vesa had this to say -

“I think RC Dynamics 1S booster is really genius and a-must-have for every 1/12 enthusiastic no matter if you are a beginner or a pro, or if you run stock or modified, simply clever! I run 10-20 packs a day when I go to the track, now with RC Dynamics booster I can concentrate more on setups and testing with my Carpet Ripper cars instead of charging the RX pack over and over again during the test or a race day. And the car also got over 10grams lighter which is superb! Steering is at least as strong as with RX pack and there is no need to stress about dumping RX pack while racing. I like! “

Vesa’s car can be seen below. Complete with RC Dynamics Booster, Nosram Comet ESC and Reedy Batteries and Motors, all installed in his own VDezign Carpet Ripper.

With preparation for the start of the 2013-2014 1/12th season now underway, if you require the most reliable and highest performance power for your electronics – choose the RCDynamics voltage booster.

2013 Voltage Booster Update

The RCDynamics Voltage booster has been proven over 3 years to be the most reliable option for all ESCs requiring a voltage booster or receiver pack. It is the number one choice of the majority of the UKs top 1/12th drivers for use with their top spec ESCs (LRP Flow, Hobbywing V3 etc). The RCDynamics Voltage booster has been used for every 1/12 National A final win so far in the 2012/2013 season, as all regular A finalists use the booster we expect this success to continue. We are very proud.

Now supplied with rugged black heatshrink and flexible black twisted receiver connection cable. Some say it has just got even better!

Put simply we believe the voltage booster is best you will find, the race results, reliability and widespread use speak for themselves. Why would anyone still use a receiver pack?

RCDynamics Booster Mark Stiles

RC Dynamics Voltage booster, seen here with the LRP Flow ESC in the CRC car of Mark Stiles. Mark used this car to win both the stock class and the super fast modified class at the recent 2012 Tamworth National.

RC Dynamics High Flow Cooling Fan Now Available

The RCDynamics are pleased to make available the 40mm high flow cooling fan for the purpose of motor cooling in 1/10 touring car. Whether your class is stock or modified, blinky or boosted the fan provides unrivalled performance, typically providing 20°C reduction in motor temperature. See the product page for full details.

Worlds A final for Elliott Harper and RCDynamics

RCDynamics Booster Elliot Harper

RCDynamics are very proud to report that Elliott Harper used the RCDynamics Voltage booster to reach the A final at the recent 2010 IFMAR 1/12th world Championship in Germany. This once again shows that the RCDynamics Voltage booster is the choice for 1S powered on road racing at the highest level. Elliot used the booster to great effect in his Speed Passion powered CRC car achieving 7th overall in the A main. Elliot reported he was very happy with the weight advantage it gave over the separate receiver pack he was previously using.

Mark Stiles Wins 1/12th Union Square GP

Congratulations to Mark who won this new high profile event. Mark used the RCDynamics Booster in his V Design car. Powered by a 2010 spec GM 90 speed control and GM 10.5 motor.

National Success for RCDynamics

6 out of 10 A finalists at Chesterfield 1/12th National powered by RCDynamics Voltage Booster

With LiPo now the default choice for top level 12th Racing, the RC Dynamics Voltage Booster has had huge success as the UK 1/12th season has progressed. With the series culminating at the recent Chesterfield national 6 of the 10 Modified Class A finalists used the booster. Well done to those choosing RCDynamics, these were current European champion Chris Kerswell, former world Champion Andy Moore, Mark Stiles, Andy Murray, Andy Griffiths and Phil Chambers.

National A-Final For Andy Murray

RCDynamics team Driver Andy Murray made his first national A final at the Tamworth national. In his first season of 12th scale racing this was an excellent result, we can expect to see Andy in many more A finals as the seasons and years progress. Andy uses the booster in a NiMH powered X-Ray 12th car and says he can feel a big improvement in steering speed and accuracy from the KO servo when using the booster.

Russel williams to Use RC Dynamics Boosters

National winner and regular National A-finalist Russell Williams will use the RCDynamics Voltage Booster. Russ will run the booster in both his stock NiMH T-Bar V-Dezign car and in his modified Li-PO powered link car

RcDynamics Online With New Voltage Booster

RCDynamics is a new RC company created to develop new electronic products for RC racing. Created by Mark Jordan the company will initial concentrate on its voltage booster product. The initial prototypes for this product were created and used for the start of the 2008 12th scale National Season, initially used with 4celll NiMH to provide 6V power to the electronics. After thorough testing during the season and prior to the start of the 2009 season an improved version of the design was produced. With single cell LiPo now permitted, it was decided to make these available to other competitors and so RCDynamics has been created.

We feel the design of our product is superior to the others available and have made no compromises in our design approach, we take pride in designing the best quality product for the application and as racers take satisfaction in watching the racing success. With other electronic products under development, we intend to continue with this philosophy and take satisfaction in designing racing products which are clearly superior to the competition.