Voltage Booster

RCDynamics Voltage Booster

Designed primarily for 1/12th scale racing and other small RC model applications. The RC Dynamics Voltage Booster was designed for use in both single cell LiPo and 4 cell NiMH powered models, where the main battery pack does not have sufficient voltage to power the electronics. The voltage booster ensures that the model electronics are supplied with stable 6V supply throughout the duration of the run, regardless of input voltage.

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RC Dynamics 40x40x10mm High Flow Cooling Fan

RCDynamics Fan

The RC Dynamics 40mm High Flow fan, has been selected and specified carefully for the cooling needs of high performance racing. It is intended primarily for the use of motor cooling in 1/10scale touring car racing, whether your class is stock or modified, blinky or boosted the fan provides unrivalled performance, typically providing 20°C reduction in motor temperature. Not only does this fan provide exceptionally high air flow and rpm in static bench conditions, it is also incredibly powerful which means the forces of acceleration, deceleration, or cornering experienced on track have little effect on airflow.

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RCDynamics 1/12th Speed Controller

RCDynamics ESC

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